Piacenza, Italy

Our history

At De Rica, we take pride in delivering Italy’s
freshest tomato products from our farms to your table. 

The De Rica story begins with Luigi Tononi, who opened its doors with a 50-acre field. He founded De Rica with the mission of making the exquisite flavor of the Italian tomato accessible to everyone. He developed innovative techniques in cultivation and canning of a number of vegetables, including legumes such as lentils and peas, and most notably Italian tomatoes. As De Rica continues to grow, we have Luigi Tononi to thank for creating the spirit of innovation and fresh thinking that continues at De Rica today.

Making tomatoes takes passion.

A passion we bring all the way from the soil to the shelf. De Rica is today part of Casalasco - Società Agricola S.p.A, which produces 560,000 tons of fresh tomatoes annually. Our commitment to bringing fresh, just-picked Italian tomatoes to the dinner tables of the world goes far beyond the can.

We monitor more than 560 farms through a proprietary system that ensures our tomatoes are harvested at their peak goodness and flavor. Each of our dedicated and experienced growers is passionate about making sure we pick our tomatoes at the perfect time. Only the finest tomatoes become De Rica.